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Fair&Square Project
Goldtops House
Tel: 01633 546 680
Email: fair&square@trosgynnalplant.org.uk

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As young people seeking asylum on arrival in Britain, children and young people have little knowledge of their rights and entitlements, some are unaccompanied, they are faced with uncertainty and huge challenges after what is often a traumatic and dangerous journey, to what they hope will be a place of safety.

They face a long and uncertain process with their asylum claim, sometimes waiting years for a decision. During this time, their rights are further limited, not having permission to work with limited access to education and services. This can often leave children and young people feeling isolated, living below the poverty line and has a detrimental effect on their mental and physical health. Children and young people do not have a voice in what happens to them once they are here.

Who we are and what we do

Tros Gynnal Plant’s ‘Fair&Square’ Project aims to provide a service which facilitates children and young people’s voice to be heard through advocacy and participation. ‘Fair&Square’ provide a service for young people who are seeking asylum and refugees, aged 11-25 years across Newport and Cardiff.

The aim of the service is for children and young people to feel empowered, to get their voices heard and bring about change on issues that are important to them. Through engaging with the service children and young people are able to access a safe environment where they are able to share experiences, past and current, reduce isolation and feel that they have some control over aspects of their lives.

Tros Gynnal Plant

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